GST Registration

What is GST Registration?



In the GST Regime, businesses whose turnover exceeds Rs. 40 lakhs (Rs 10 lakhs for NE and hill states) is required to register as a normal taxable person. This process of registration is called GST registration. For certain businesses, registration under GST is mandatory. If the organization carries on business without registering under GST, it will be an offence under GST and heavy penalties will apply. GST registration usually takes between 2-6 working days. 



What is GSTIN?



GSTIN is a unique 15 digit code that is allocated to every taxpayer that has valid GST registration in India. It is a unique code that is allocated to every taxpayer which is given based on the state and the PAN. If the business is carrying out a business e-commerce platform it is necessary to obtain the GSTIN.

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₹ 1499/-

  • GST Registration


₹ 2999/-

  • GST Registration
  • GST Returns for first three months


₹ 7999/-

  • GST Registration
  • GST Returns for first year


What are the documents required to obtain GST registration?


The following documents must be submitted by regular taxpayers applying for GST registration.












Aadhaar Card is mandatory to get GST registration



A new system for new GST registration has been introduced and activated from 21st August, 2020 where the Aadhaar card is now mandatory for GST registration. That means, the applicant who are seeking for GST registration now will be given an option to select if he wishes to authenticate Aadhaar or wishes to opt for physical verification. If the applicant opts for Aadhaar authentication for his GST registration then the applicant will get his / her GST registration in just three days.



Need and Advantages of GST Registration 


The GST Registration will confer the following advantages to a taxpayer:







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