Hindu Undivided Family(HUF)

What is an HUF?



The term HUF stands for ‘Hindu Undivided Family’ and comprises of all descendants of a common male ancestor and includes their wives and unmarried daughters. The term of HUF is not defined in income tax law; it is defined under the Hindu Law as a family.


The family continues to exist even after the death of the common ancestor and the next eldest male member becomes the head of the family or the “Karta”. In financial terms, we can call him ‘manager of the family’. Even on the death of all the male members, the HUF continues to exist.


One of the major benefits of forming a HUF is that a HUF is considered a separate legal entity and is thus eligible to obtain a PAN card and have a bank account opened in the name of the HUF. 


The term ‘Hindu Undivided Family’ (HUF) is defined under Hindu Law. so it can’t be created by an agreement between two parties, nor can it be formed by a group of people who do not constitute the family. Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs can also form HUF.

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Documents Required for Forming HUF



1. Passport size Photograph of all the members and Karta.


2. PAN and Aadhar card of all the members and Karta.


3. ID proof of all themembers and Karta. (Driving License/Voter ID/Passport)


4. Address Proof of all the members and Karta.(Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill) not older than 1.5 months having name of the respective members and Karta.


5. Registered Office Address Proof (Electricity Bill/Water Bill/Gas Bill or any other utility bill) not older than 1.5 months


Specific Requirements:


1. A HUF must have a registered office in India. Documents like bank statement or electricity bill should be recent.


2. A utility bill, rent agreement or sale deed and an  NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) from the landlord with his / her consent to use the office as a registered office of a HUF must be submitted as well.



Steps to Form Your HUF



1. Experienced and dedicated personnel assigned for engagement.


2. Collection of required documents along with a simple checklist.


3. Verification of the Documents as required for forming by our experts.


4. Drafting and execution of HUF deed by our Assigned Personnel and will be sent to the partners for obtaining the signature


5. It is to be noted that all partners must sign the documents on stamp paper, and a copy of the same should be sent back to us.


6. Obtaining PAN



Advantages of HUF









Conditions to be fulfilled to form an HUF:










What income is taxable as HUF income?



Any income that arises on the investment of HUF funds (like interest earned on loans given by an HUF) or on the utilisation of HUF assets (like rent earned on letting out HUF property) would be regarded as HUF income. It is important that the income be earned using HUF funds or property only. If the income arises on account of the personal exertions of the karta or any other member and not on investment of HUF funds, such income would generally be regarded as the individual income of the karta or the member.



If an HUF contributes funds to the capital of a partnership firm, profit and interest received (from the firm) by a partner who represents the HUF is regarded as HUF income. This is because the income in the partner’s hands arises on investment of the HUF’s funds. However, if the karta is also paid a salary by the firm for efforts put in by him, such funds would be regarded as the karta’s individual income. Speculative profit can be regarded as the income of an HUF, particularly in cases where the HUF has paid margin money or deposits for such transactions.



Forming Your HUF  with UpriseLegal



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