Trademark Assignment

The term trademark assignment is defined under section 37 of the Trademark Act, 1999. As per the definition, the trademark assignment means transferring the owner’s right, interest, and title in a trademark and a brand mark.


In simple words, the process of transferring the right and ownership of the trademark to any other person is known as a trademark assignment.

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Some of the advantages of the trademark assignment (concerning both the owner and the buyer) are listed hereunder-







Trademark Assignment is the action or process of transferring ownership and rights with/without the reputation related with a trademark to another entity  partially or wholly by the original owner of the trademark, with or without some specified restrictions. The trademark assignment is made by way of a trademark assignment agreement, while the licensing is done by means of a license agreement.


A company owning a trademark, can transfer its rights related with the trademark to another entity by mean of the following two most popular arrangements: Trademark Assignment or Trademark Licensing.


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