ITR - 7 Return

Who Is Eligible To File ITR 7?



The following the key individuals/businesses who can file income tax return using ITR-7:



Filing ITR 7 u/s 139(4A)


Income tax filing under Section 139(4A) is for any person who receives income from property used solely/partially for charitable or religious purposes. Additionally, in order to file income tax return using ITR 7, such property must be held under a legal obligation or as a trust.



Filing ITR Form 7 u/s 139(4B)


Section 139(4B) specifically applies to political parties. While political parties are exempt from taxation u/s Section 13A, this exemption applies only if they file annual returns using ITR 7. Section 13A also prescribes a basic exemption limit for political parties, thus ITR Form 7 needs to be filed only if the political party breaches this exemption limit.



Filing ITR Form 7 u/s 139 (4C)


Under existing income tax rules, returns need to be mandatorily filed using ITR 7 u/s 139 (4C) by the following entities:






Filing ITR 7 u/s 139 (4D)


Under rules of Section 139 (4D) all institutions, college and university who are not covered under any other section are required to mandatory file their income tax returns using ITR Form 7.

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How Do I File My ITR-7 Form?



You can submit your ITR-6 Form either online or offline. Filing tax online is way much easier now then ever, A taxpayer just needs to upload his total taxable income after claiming eligible deduction and after that a form needs to be filed.




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