Section 12AB and 80G registration

NGO (Non-Government Organization) is established to serve for the cause of human, nature, animals with a Non-profit motive by forming any type of entity like Charitable Trust/Society/Section 8 Company (You can Link with our service page). Once you get it registered, there are bunch of tax benefits and exemptions for the NGO as well as for the donors. For availing such exemption, it is required to obtain 12AB and 80G registrations, otherwise any income/donation received by an NGO will be taken as normal taxable income.



What is Section 12AB?

Earlier the registration done by an NGO to get an organization income exempted from tax was done under Section 12AA. All income shall not be taxable after Section 12A Registration. If an NGO does not get 12A Registration, income tax is payable on surplus during the year.

According to the new Compliance with regards to section 12A and section 12AA, All NGOs presently having exemption u/s 12AA of the IT Act shall have to reapply for the same by 31st March, 2022 (As extended). and shall have to obtain new registration under Section 12AB.

Section 12AB is an amendment introduced by the ministry relating to the compliance and registration process of religious or Charitable Trusts/ Institutions etc. which were earlier registered under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act.

Section 12AB deals with registration of trusts and other not for profit establishments granted by the Income Tax Department. The institution registered under this section is to be exempted from the income tax payment. Section 8 Companies, Trusts and NGOs which have obtained 12AB registration enjoy exemption from paying income tax on their surplus income.




Terms and Conditions for Section 12AB Registration









Benefits of Section 12AB Registration







Documents required for Section 12AB Registration









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What is Section 80G?



80G Registration under Section 80G of Income Tax Act provides benefits to the donor of an NGO. The donor gets financial benefits in his taxable amount of their income.


Taking registration under section 80G facilitates the registered NGO or charitable institution to benefit its donors to claim exemption under Income Tax. Application for section 12AB and section 80G can either be applied together or can be applied separately just after getting registered under section 12AB.



Conditions to be fulfilled for Section 80G(5) Registration









Benefits of Section 80G(5) Registration







Documents required for Section 12AB Registration










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